1.   Vacuuming serves to remove dust and impurities which at the same time is accompanied by an ultraviolet ray lamp, the uv modifies the dna of the microorganisms making impossible the production of proteins necesary for the subsistence and reproduction of the mites that are the main feeding source of the allergens  which may contribute to asthma episodes, difficulty breathing, oppresion or chest pains, sleep prblems, shortness of breath, coughing or wheezing. Eliminating in this way problems such as nasal congestion, coughing,sneezing and itching in the roof of the mouth, nose or throat.



2.    Anti-stain product and dirt loosener applied



3. Injection, suction washing.- With this foam is introduced to obtain the extraction of the dirt from the inside of the fiber obtaining a deep cleaning. The time for drying 4-5 hours average.


4.  Aplication of shampo with active foam machine.- The advantage of this process is to avoid the ise of 80 to 90% of water that is used in the traditional system of injection suction (basic package). This makes it an ecological step of our process and much faster and efficient in drying with only 10% humidity. With the removal of active foam, the dirt is encapsulated.  We check the type of stains to remove them.


5.  Vital oxide application.- This powerful formula kills even more germs than chlorine, it is not harmful to the health of  people and pets, it eliminates mold, bacteria and 99.9  of viruses without leaving odors or residues and lasts up 6 months.


 Anti-stain application.-This upholstery protector forms an invisible barrier against liquids and dirt and avoids the discoloration of fabrics when exposed to the sun wich other similar products on the market do not. Duration of up 6 months.


As for the stain protector, it is necessary to react with a slightly humid microfiber cloth, to immediately remove the liquid that fell and in this way avoid the forming of a new stain



****Important :

 In the removal of stains it is not possible to guarantee 100% elimination; there are 3 factors that influence so that a stain can not be completely removed and these are : 1.- The origin of the stain 2.- The time that the stain has 3. - If there has been previous attempts to remove it with other products that are not suitable (products for cleaning clothes or floors), in some occasions these remedies what they do strengthen the stains. What we can guarantee is that we will give our best effort to try to remove the stains using our kit of removers and mainly the experience of our technicians.